DE-Brands Gets A Filip With Increased Digital Requirements Of Denim Industry 

When the world is moving towards a digital arena, there is a need for paving the path in our day to day activities as well as our business.

For the denim supply chain, going digital and virtual has been a big challenge. It becomes difficult to take the decision when you can’t meet in person, can’t touch the fabric, can’t attend the shows with latest collections etc. The need to attend the denim fairs and shows has been temporary put on hold due to recent situation in the world.

Denimsandjeans did not visualize these problems when they started investing in digital solutions 3-4 years back. They felt that digital solutions can be beneficial for the environment as well as for industry and therefore predict their increasing usefulness in the future.

Last year they launched the DE-Brands platform with both, web versions and on iOS/ Android, which became the 1st Global Denim B2B app for supply chain.

While adapting to new digital solutions was not easy, DE-Brands got the filip with the pandemic. A number of denim supply chain companies realized the importance of using this platform and reducing their time and effort and become more Eco friendly. 

DE-Brands seeks to offer a one-stop solution for all kinds of denim  sourcing including fabrics, garments, chemicals, laser, laundry, accessories and technology. With over 50 reputed global denim supply chain companies and professionals from over 180 buying companies , the platform offers  to SPEED UP the process of sourcing and minimizing the cost and efforts and to bring the global denim community at one virtual platform.

virtual show

Key Highlights:

Latest TrendsAnd Global News

Updates On Technology

ExhibitorAnd Brand News

Network Community

The App can be downloaded from these links:


Desktop Version is also available:

For more information you can contact us here.

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