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After receiving encouraging responses for the 1st edition of Denimsandjeans Virtual Show which concluded on July 23rd, the organizers announced the dates for its 2nd edition to be held on October 14th and 15th, themed Cloud Sourcing. The show will cover US, South America, and European time zones this time.

With the presence of 43 global denim companies including Arvind, Artistic Milliners, Raymond, Kilim Denim, Garmon, Jeanologia, Tonello, Officina+39, LNJ , Artistic Garment, Wiser Globe/Wash, Deridesen, Artistic Fabric Mills, Blue Diamond, Prosperity and many other companies, the show ran for two days covering time zones of Asia and Europe mainly with face to face meetings with global buyers.

Over 600 representatives from the 368 brand/retailing companies including Levi’s, PVH, Bestseller, 7 For all Mankind, Arvind Brands, Asmara, Espirit, VFC, Kontoor Brands, LC Waikiki, De-Facto, Mud Jeans, H&M, Lucky Brands, Madura Fashions, Reliance Trends /Reliance Retail, GAP, Poeticgem, Pepe Jeans, Outfitters and Ospinter HK visited the last show.

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The show threw a light on the recent developments and innovations through its talks and discussions. Over 12 sessions were held with reputed denim experts, including Adriano Goldschmied, Stefano Aldighieri, Maurizio Donandi, Beau Lawrence, Jean Hegedus, Lucia Rosin, and Dr. Naresh Tyagi.

All the sessions are available to watch now at the Denimsandjeans Official Youtube channel.

Being one of a kind of shows, the 1st edition of Denimsandjeans Virtual Show, embraced by the denim community and their efforts to re-connect the industry during this pandemic, was lauded by all the participants of the show.

This time the show comes with new features and would be more user friendly. The time zone selected this time means the focus would be on the USA, South American, and EU customers. Though US times would be mainly covered and European customers would also get over 8 hours of visit time as the show will run for a longer time. However, it does not mean that Asia would be ignored. Many Asian customers have shown their interest in visiting the show in their late evenings.

Denim Cloud Sourcing, a new term coined by Denimsandjeans through its theme is an extension to digital sourcing. The Apparel Industry per se has been following the conventional sourcing techniques for fabric and other auxiliaries selection. However limitation caused by COVID 19 pushed the industry to create alternatives.

Denimsandjeans has always been known for their new initiatives in the interest of the denim industry. Either through their shows in different countries, exclusive denim data reports, or their digital sourcing platform DE-BRANDS–  an online B2B marketplace. DE-BRANDS has been gaining strong traction with over 48 global supply chain companies already a part of it and with a number of buyers joining regularly and was launched last year. This strength would be combined with the VIRTUAL show to give a unique experience to both buyers and suppliers.

During these tough times, when the global denim business has been hugely suffering due to pressure on demand and restriction on mobility, the show aims to help the buyers and suppliers to unite on a virtual platform and resume their talks and discussion in the simplest and the most effective way.

The registration for the show starts today. To participate at the show, suppliers can contact the organizers at [email protected], and buyers can register at to receive the invitation link and code for the show.


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