Home Sales Eye-Catching Denim on Sale RN: Ksenia Schnaider

Eye-Catching Denim on Sale RN: Ksenia Schnaider

Eye-Catching Denim on Sale RN: Ksenia Schnaider
double jeans
Light Blue an White Demi Denims Jeans, $140

If you are like us and love to wear some really different and eye-catching denims every once in a while, but no way shelling out big bucks….

Then the good news is that there’re a lot of Ksenia Schnaider items on sale out there. Not only is this Ukrainian brand already a celeb fave, but it’s also all about being sustainable. So right now is the perfect time to get yourself into a really cool pair of jeans for way less.

The Ukrainian designer has proven to be one of the top creative and inovative denim designer and we’ve had her on our radar ever since she launched er brand. Definitely worth checking out if you are ready for some not so usual kinds of denims.

Below you can find our favorite sales picks from Ksenia’s last few collections.

denim blazer

Paneled Denim Blazer, $603

denim shorts

Denim Shorts, $72

asymmetric jeans

Asymmetric Design Jeans, $288

patchwork denim trucker jacket

Cropped Denim Jacket, $331

jeans with denim skirt

Jeans with Denim Skirt, $100



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