Home Editorials Guys – Denim Questions? Fit Doubts? Read On!

Guys – Denim Questions? Fit Doubts? Read On!

Guys – Denim Questions? Fit Doubts? Read On!

Ever looked with exasperation and desperation at some jeans online without knowing exactly what they are about? Fit? Style? Size?

What exactly is the difference between skinny and slim jeans? And where do you draw the line between straight and relaxed jeans. And what about baggy jeans….

Well, we are making your (denim) life easier by splitting them up with some good examples and explain to you why/where/what.

Today we’re all about what’s new in skinny, slim, and slim straight jeans – and what’s the difference. And stay tuned for more to come.

Hint: Our next issue will be about straight, relaxed and baggy jeans.

Skinny Jeans: Mostly made of stretch denim, these run tight fitting from waist to ankle and very likely keep their shape – depending on the quality of the denim. And this does not necessarily mean that overpriced designer jeans will hold up better than cheaper versions. We have had good and bad experience with both.

Saint Laurent Black Skinny Fit Coated Stretch-Denim Jeans, $590

Topman Mid Gray Skinny Jeans, $60

men's skinny jeans

G-Star RAW Revend Skinny Jeans, $190

Slim Jeans: Can be made with or without stretch. Keep in mind that if the jeans don’t have stretch they will most likely bag out a bit after a couple of times wearing them. Especially is they are made of raw denim without pre-wash.

Lee Rider Jeans, $88

men's jeans

BLANKNYC Wooster Slim Fit Jeans, $98

Slim Straight Jeans: If the jeans are made of 100% cotton denim the fit will be slim but without adhering to your body, running all the way straight down from the upper leg. If they do have a high percentage of stretch, they might lose the original fit after a couple of times wear and not fit as slim as they should.

slim straight jeans men

Liverpool Jeans Kingston Slim Straight Leg Jeans, $98

Polo Ralph Lauren Varick Slim Straight Jeans, $89.50

Straight Leg Jeans: That’s the most traditional and classic fit. Mostly a lower rise and comfortable fit around the hips and straight down to the ankle without being tapered. Can be worn rolled up or cuffed. The most classic style is the Levi’s 501 Original Fit.

Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans, $69.50

men's straight leg jeans

AMI Straight Leg Jeans, $250

John Varvatos Bowery Fit Straight Leg Jeans, $198

A.P.C. Martin High Rise Straight Leg Jeans, $265


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