TOKKOU Japanese Denim Face Mask With Logo, $105

Our thing is always trying to make the best out of something that is unavoidable, no matter how bothersome or annoying.

So that’s the face masks. The new normal absolute must-do, and it’s not going away anytime soon. And —— we’ve got your “fogging up” glasses covered to….read more below.

About the face masks – at least we have an option nowadays. There’s no lack of fun, cute, and eye-catching face masks out there. You can even “transfer” your statement message from your t-shirt to your face mask!

But of course, we here are all about denim and that’s why we searched for some of the best denim face masks available right now.

And before you scroll down to find out – there is something else we’d like to share: All of us wearing glasses, be it prescription or sunglasses, have experienced that totally annoying fogging up. There is a new product out there that solves your problem: FogBlock Ant-Fog Spray. We have tested it, and IT WORKS! Seriously good stuff and we recommend it to anyone with that fog-up issue. Now you can wear your face mask plus your glasses AND see the world around you as well 😉

Good American Denim Face Mask, $5

Mavi Denim Face Mask (2 Pack), $15

GAP Unisex Face Masks (3 Pack), $15

adjustable face mask

Mother The Adjustable Don’t Spray It, $24 – perfect if you hate those behind the ear elastics

AGOLDE Two Pack Embroidered Denim Mask in Black, $30

face masks

Echo Denim Face Masks (2 Pack), $18

denim face mask

RE/DONE Upcycled Denim Face Mask, $15 (on sale)


Crate&Barrel Adult Chambray Fabric Washable Face Mask, $12.95

Etsy Pleated Denim Face Masks, $10


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