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Sustainable + Super Cute: Boyish Face Masks

Sustainable + Super Cute: Boyish Face Masks
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Face masks are the absolute must-do and must-have accessory of 2020 and probably not going anywhere soon. So the thing is: they’re not very pleasant to wear, they impede us from breathing easily and make us sweat like crazy when exercising. But there’s nothing you can do about it – except…

And here’s what we @Denimology and most of our fans, friends, and co-workers have been doing: Treating face mask not as a necessary evil but transform them into an edgy and cool part of our daily outfit. We’re combining the colors with our clothes or use them to make a statement (like we do with our tees), or just do them plain and simple….and it works. I’ve even matched them with my nail polish 😉

Sustainable made in Los Angeles brand, Boyish, just dropped this pink, certified organic cotton mask.

It’s Zero Waste Week! At Boyish, we pride ourselves on our zero waste model. We make our denim knowing that it can be recycled back into new products at the end of it’s life and all scraps are reused and repurposed. We are circular because we know Mama Earth’s raw materials are running out. This Zero Waste Week, we want you to start taking inventory of your waste. How can you improve and cut back? 

The Boyish face masks are also available in black and in white. And while you’re at it – have a look also at their super cool new denims… great styles and washes AND 100% sustainable.


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