Home Celebrity Denim Joe Jonas in Cropped Slim Straight Jeans

Joe Jonas in Cropped Slim Straight Jeans

Joe Jonas in Cropped Slim Straight Jeans

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner emerged for a walk around their neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Joe wore a pair of light wash ankle-length jeans paired with a white t-shirt and a light blue bomber jacket.

Cropped and ankle length jeans have become as much a must-do for the guys as for the ladies. Like when stretch jeans used to be a pure “woman thing” years ago – remember! And nowadays we notice that even more guys are preferring stretch in their jeans than women, because we are actually going back to the original rigid denim jeans. If this isn’t a case of what goes around, comes around…

So get yourself into some cropped and ankle length jeans, guys! Mr. Porter has a few cool options. You can also shop for jeans in stores or online where they are offering different inseams, like American Eagle and Levi’s. Just get your jeans shorter than your regular inseam.


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