knee rip jeans

Malin Akerman was photographed heading out with a Grim Reaper Sickle clad in a pair of knee rip jeans, a black muscle tee and beige Chloe booties.

Her jeans are a pair of MOTHER The Insider Ripped Chew Hem Crop Bootcut Jeans. They’re high waisted with a cropped step-hem and knee rips which Malin “amplified”. Wear them with big holes while you still can – before winter arrives in full force!

This is one of the (many) things we don’t like about winter – you can’t do ripped jeans, unless you want to really freeze your legs off. The way I personally cope with this issue is I wear my ripped jeans over a pair of funky printed leggings.

Cropped micro flares and cropped bootcuts are really strong still for the coming seasons, so you can’t go wrong in adding a pair to your denim closet. You can find some good options at Nordstrom and at Shopbop.

ripped jeans


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