Mostafiz Uddin, owner and creator of the Bangladesh denim brand, The Denim Expert, reached out to us @Denimology. During a feature about the plights of Bangladesh at the BBC, Mostafiz Uddin talks about the hardships not only for his own company, but for all of the industry affected by the pandemic.

Read on – this is the essence of this documentary:

“COVID-19 has been probably one of the most cruel tests of the time not only endangering lives and livelihoods, but also the “values’” that adhere to our commitment toward a better, safer, and sustainable world.

Particularly the “trust and partnership”, upon which the citadel of the global trade is founded, is blown up by this pandemic. Global apparel supply chain has been one of the worst affected sectors during the pandemic.

My factory, Denim Expert Limited, has suffered from huge order cancellation and holds in the wake of the pandemic which put me into the abyss of economic uncertainty and hardship. With perseverance, patience and working long with my team, we are alive so far and trying to survive. 

Principles of sustainability is my mantra. No matter the severity of the pandemic, I have been and will always be leaning toward the sustainability and no hardship can ever stand between me and my workers, as long as I breathe. But we cannot win this battle alone unless our global partners are with us with full responsibility and partnership.

The stories of economic hardships and struggles in the third world countries often remains untold, so I appreciate BBC for coming forward to shed some lights on this subject, and I am glad to be a part of it. 

The storm is not gone yet, when this documentary was broadcasted on BBC, it brought back to me those tumultuous days once again and I shuddered with the horror or reliving all those moments.

I hope my emotions will not offend anyone, but believe me I feel pity for those who breach and bruise relationships, and ignore people and their lives.

I think the way COVID is a threat to our civilization. Only the strength and spirit of humanity can win this battle.”


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