A couple of days ago we introduced you to sustainable denim brand, Fairblue. And while we were checking out their denim styles, there was one pair that was an instant crush for me: The France Jeans, a bootcut with an opening slit on the side of the ankles. And it’s exactly what I wanted after a summer of cropped jeans. To be able to show off my new boots or my beloved Dr. Martens even with longer inseam jeans.

About the style and fit:

First and foremost, let me point out that these jeans are tailored with a “push-up” technique. Push- up is a way to cut the jeans on the back so that they lift your backside. Sounds amazing, right!

The legs are cut straight, not slim, with some distressing but no actual rips. And at the very bottom of the legs the jeans become a bit wider with an opening slit.

  • Composition: 98% organic cotton certified GOTS, 2% recycled elastane (relast)
  • Candiani® denim fabric made in Italy
  • Classic wash in used black Indigo Juice®: dyeing process reducing waste of water and energy
  • Kitotex® technology: ensures durability and softness of the fabric with anti-bacterial properties

At some later point we will go more into details about the Kitotex® technology – so stay tuned. It’s good, It’s clean. It’s all about sustainable.

You can check out more of the Fairblue denims on their website.


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