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Introducing: FAIRBLUE Jeans – Sustainable Denim

Introducing: FAIRBLUE Jeans – Sustainable Denim
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We are excited to introduce you to French premium denim brand, Fairblue Jeans. Bred and created in Paris, their jeans are sustainable and Eco-friendly, manufactured in Italy with Italian Candiani denim.

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“The story of Fairblue Jeans begins with the documentary River Blue, which is a real eye-opener for the founder of Fairblue, Elie Cohen Solal. This feature film, which follows the peregrinations of the famous water expert Mark Angelo in Asian jeans-producing countries, highlights the more than catastrophic effects of the jeans industry on the environment.

Elie wanted to create his own brand of jeans, and River Blue had a decisive impact on his project. He is documenting himself, to learn more about the devastation caused by the manufacture of jeans, and fully realizes the urgency and the gravity of the situation. It is his ambition to offer a product of good quality which is also respectful of the environment from start to finish.

A specialist in sourcing and textile production, he then embarked on a difficult quest: a manufacturing process that is as ecological as possible starting with the cultivation of organic cotton up to the delivery of the finished product to his customers. He visited European factories specializing in the production of jeans. And in Italy that he found the three rare gems: the weaver Candiani, who transforms the organic cotton yarn GOTS label into one of the most beautiful denim materials in the world and certainly the most eco-responsible, then a clothing factory which cuts and sews jeans for Italian luxury designers to guarantee an impeccable gradation and finish, and finally the Italian denim wash factory with the strictest eco-responsible label.

Elie launched his brand in July 2019 and baptized it Fairblue Jeans, a strong name that reflects his values ​​of transparency, honesty and ecology. Six months later, the collections are finalized, and the brand’s website was born.

QUALITY GOES WITH STRENGTH: Premium denim in an affordable price-range. Fairblue jeans promises quality and durability.

We produce few models, but we produce them according to the rules of the art.

CONSUME BETTER: You can spend hundreds of dollars on jeans with dark traceability. You can keep buying jeans over and over again. Or you can open your eyes today:

By consuming better, you are doing something that makes sense, for the planet and for you. To really change things, everyone has to say ‘it starts with me’ otherwise nothing will change.

DRESSING RESPONSIBLE: We produce our premium vegan jeans with a strong ecological conscience which is sustainable and ethical .

We save 70% water and use 65% less dyeing products compared to making traditional jeans using ultra-modern processes. You can read more about this here.

You can shop for Fairblue jeans on their website where you will also find more information and more details about the brand.


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