Home Denim Black One Teaspoon – A Star Embellished Boyfriend (Jean)

One Teaspoon – A Star Embellished Boyfriend (Jean)

One Teaspoon – A Star Embellished Boyfriend (Jean)

So, about boyfriend jeans: In order to “qualify” for this term they have to be in a lower rise, fit slouchy and baggy, and actually look like you borrowed them from a guy. Many brands make their boyfriend jeans too high waisted and too slim, so they are actually more like a girlfriend jean.

Australian brand, One Teaspoon, have had that boyfriend style always right, ever since they launched their baggy jeans line. Their boyfriend jeans have all above mentioned “necessities” and the fit is absolutely perfect if you are going for the real thing.

One Teaspoon’s boyfriend edits just got a new addition: The Black Star Saints Boyfriend Jeans. Cute and fun, these are a good addition to your jeans collection if you are looking for something a bit more eye-catching.

And if you are not on the hunt for a new boyfriend (jean), there’s more star embellished included in the OT’s collection – the Bandits Black Stars Denim Shorts, or the Worn Black Stars Ruffle Shirt – check out more items here.

You can shop for One Teaspoon on their website, at Shopbop, and at YOOX.


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