Sustainability, caring for the environment and about people – all people – is a big thing for denim manufacturer, Artistic Milliners. Actually, all their efforts of how to make ours a better and cleaner world, how they are supporting their workforce, and so much more, inspired us to post about some of their latest endeavors. It inspires us. And we hope that this will also serve as an incentive for many other companies out there to stop and think about what they can do to improve,. To become more environmentally conscious. To make their workplace a better place to be.

Scroll down for a few high-lights, and you can also read more about Artistic Milliners quest for a better everything here.

Sustainable Development Goals (image above)

Discover the Sustainable Development Goals’ virtual event and exhibit with @un_partnerships United Nations Office for Partnerships which is now live throughout December 2020.

Managing Director, Mr. Murtaza Ahmed, joined Discover the SDGs “Gender Equity – The New Fashion Era” panel.

Mr. Murtaza Ahmed brings a wealth of insight into the panel with his background in championing female empowerment. In 2018, The Financial Times acknowledged him as the Global Champion of Women in Business. He was also named United Nations Global Compact SDG Pioneer in 2019 for Gender Equality and Decent Work.

Artistic Milliners’ women empowerment projects have also been featured as a case study by the International Finance Corporation.

To hear what Mr. Murtaza Ahmed has to say about his journey, register for the Discover the SDGS virtual learning experience and exhibit here.

Cutting Chemicals

Caring for the planet is a journey that requires commitment. That’s why we aim to recycle every available material and resource, using cutting edge equipment such as our caustic recovery plant. This cuts our use of caustic chemicals by half, recycling up to 16 tons of caustics every day, while also cutting runoff generation by 50%, making it easier for us to treat and reuse water resources.

Child Care

Just because our Day Care is closed due to COVID-19 doesn’t mean learning should stop.

Our day care team is working with the factory workers who are parents to ensure continued learning of their children.

With an exchange of ideas through International Finance Corporation (IFC) PLC series, we have been providing home work sheets and Digital content to the factory workers. These children don’t get a chance to go to school. Day Care facility is their happy place to learn and grow. We have also provided COVID-19 safety kits and stationary packs to the parents.

Following IFC guideline on Tackling Child Care, we are providing distant learning opportunities to our factory workers’ children.
Every child deserves a better future regardless of their socio-economic background.

Disabled Workers

Meet Nadeem, a hardworking employee in our stitching department. He is disabled from leg down. As a sole earning member of his family, Nadeem works hard to prove his mettle.

In a long standing partnership with @nowpdp, we continue to hire disabled workers and provide targeted trainings to their supervisors for better facilitation.

We are excited to be a part of their #100days100lives campaign to take on board disabled workers and give them an opportunity to succeed.


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