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FAIRBLUE JEANS Sustainability – Let’s Find Out More:

FAIRBLUE JEANS Sustainability – Let’s Find Out More:

French denim brand, Fairblue Jeans, doesn’t take sustainability lightly. They have been. and are, dedicating a lot of time and work to this subject. We believe you guys out there would like to know more about what’s actually being done, what with sustainability becoming more and more important to all of us every single day. Scroll down to find out what the owner and CEO of Fairblue jeans, Elie Cohen Solal, tells us:

Some brands are doing greenwashing by showing that they buy only bio cotton. But do they follow the “4 step balance”* process”?

Elie explains:

*There are four main steps to make sustainable jeans:

  • Step 1: use cotton, and better if you use an organic cotton thread with a serious label.
  • Step 2: transform this organic yarn into denim material 
  • Step 3: cut and make the actual jeans from this denim material.
  • Step 4: washing out. 

Now, let’s suppose brand X claims they use organic bio cotton … Well, not bad, but still we are very far to consider these jeans as “green”.

Because those 2 steps below are where the disaster comes from :

*Step 2 : if this brand X washes the bio cotton like all the traditional brands (they don’t recycle the water). And weave & dye the bio cotton (use of indigo/potassium permanganate) in a traditional way.
* Step 4 : if this brand X then treat their jeans made with bio cotton either by stonewashing or sandblasting and similar.

If executed in above mentioned form, even using bio cotton, this will still generate a minimum of ten thousand liters of blue water super charged in Potassium Permanganate.

Let me also mention our patch, the Jacron: that’s the leather patch on the waistband at the back of the jeans – see below. Our Jacron are 100% vegetal, the look and feel of this patch is the same as the genuine leather patch.

Resuming: we are striving to do everything possible to achieve complete sustainability. You can read all about our efforts here.

Concluding: there are only two denim brands in France that are partners of the very strict program JEANS RE-DESIGN of ELLEN MACARTHUR, Fairblue Jeans  is one of them.

“A glass of water to make jeans instead of 10,000 liters of water, yes it is possible!” Read here.


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