This was (is, still) a crazy year. Nothing exciting happening anywhere or with anything. Since this past March ’20, the most exciting thing for me was receiving my Amazon Chocolate Chip cookies to accompany my Netflix binge watching.

And today Balenciaga “happened” to me, I received their men’s fall 2021 video in my Inbox and hey – that was fun! But wait, it’s not all about this “traditional” video, there’s more:

Like many others since the pandemic began, the house presented its fall 2021 collection entirely virtually. But unlike the rest, it also did so interactively. Instead of creating a static video or lookbook, Balenciaga created a video game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. The first ever produced by a fashion brand. Players are invited to embark on a “hero’s journey” in the near future of 2031, moving through different zones, from a post-apocalyptic Balenciaga store to an enchanted forest, to reach salvation on the other side. Along the way, they meet avatars wearing different looks from the collection, which are rendered in impressive detail.

Their “traditional video lookbook (video above) may not be all about denim, but it is all about bringing back the exciting vibe of fashion, runway shows, new collections, and – of course – new and crazy denim. And lots of it! And crazy (fun) – check it out below!

Side note – as per what we’ve been saying all along these past few months. It’s all about uber-over sized. Or did you detect a pair of skinny jeans somewhere here or in the video? ?

Ok, so you don’t want to wait until next year, neither do we. There’s plenty of this year’s Balenciaga stuff out there and you can shop for it at SSENSE – men, women, LOUISAVIAROMA – men, women, MYTHERESA – men, women, and at Nordstrom – men, women.


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