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Kickstarter – ‘Slow’ Himalayan Hemp Jeans

Kickstarter – ‘Slow’ Himalayan Hemp Jeans

This is a guest post from the owner and creator of “Slow”, Schreyans Kokra, Founder and CEO of CanvaLoop.

Why do we accept guest posts like these? Because we totally believe in supporting new and up-coming new denim designers and new denim brands.

On a mission to mainstream sustainability, Canva Loop is introducing ‘Slow’- world’s first Himalayan Hemp Jeans.

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“Himalayan Hemp is a cannabis sativa plant growing in the wild, in the majestic and pristine Himalayan ranges of  India and Nepal. It has been growing with ‘zero’ human input for over 5000 years – that means it needs no water (except natural rainfall), fertilizers or insecticides. The seeds are also not sowed by man but by nature itself – twice every year. It takes only 90 days to grow and also replenishes the soil it grows in.

CanvaLoop is taking its  first step into the consumer market with SLOW jeans – World’s first jeans made from Himalayan Hemp. With ‘Slow’, the focus is on the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability, functional worthiness and social inclusivity that resides in the very fabric of the company and in the fibers that they make.

Made from Himalayan Hemp, SLOW saves 3500 litres of water per jeans and is up to 4x more durable than a normal pair of jeans. Himalayan hemp’s anti-microbial properties prevent the development of odor causing bacteria and keeps skin infections away. The perfect blend of comfort and style, the denim gets softer with every wash.

Why are we making ‘Slow” Jeans?

In 2016, Shreyans (Founder and CEO of CanvaLoop), set out on a journey to make a truly sustainable fashion material that has all the performance features that a modern person wants. This quest led him to Himalayan Hemp.

“Belonging to a family business that has been in synthetic textiles for over 40 years, I have witnessed first hand the impact of fashion on the environment. When I discovered hemp I recognized its potential to replace mainstream textile materials as a much more sustainable alternative.

The next challenge was to build the adequate technology that could convert the hard bark of the plant to super soft fiber fit for making modern apparel. Once we achieved that through a 100% green processing and developed the fiber we asked ourselves – What is it that we love as much as hemp? – That’s when SLOW Jeans came into the picture”

SLOW Jeans will be available in three classic colors: black, indigo, and sky in various fits. You can know more about the campaign and pledge your support at – bit.ly/slowjeans

sustainable hemp fiber jeans

About CanvaLoop

CanvaLoop is an alternative fibers and material science company. They make textile fibers from agri waste or plants like hemp and banana. Their fibers are eco-friendly, ethically produced and functionally superior. Their mission is to mainstream sustainability by creating alternative fibers.

You can read more about CanvaLoop here.


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