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You Asked, We found! Coveralls For The Guys

You Asked, We found! Coveralls For The Guys
men's boiler suits
COS Organic Cotton Denim Zipped Boilersuit, $190

A couple of weeks ago we did a feature about boiler suits for women. And – we were somewhat baffled – we received tons of emails and Instagram messages from guys who love those. And could we please do a feature about jumpsuits and coveralls for men as well.

So okay, you asked and we listened – and guess what, there aren’t really a lot of options for the guys out there (sad face). Except if you want to go for just plain bib overalls.

But we did find a few good options, and anyway, there’s no rule saying guys can’t wear women’s boiler suits as well. After all, those were originally made for men working at gas stations, construction workers, or in other very masculine jobs 😉

faux leather boiler suits men

ASOS Design Boiler suit in black Faux Leather Snake Print, $95

Closed Stretch Cotton Overalls, $565

TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist Buttoned Cotton Blend Overalls, $688

Lee Modern Unionall Jumpsuit, $128

Diesel Badge-Appliqué Boiler Suit, $419


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