After having published our feature about Hellessy’s resort 2021 collection we received a lot of inquiries from our readers wanting to know more about the brand. And where to buy, of course πŸ˜‰

It definitely looks like lots of you ladies out there are searching for some new extras when shopping for jeans. Actually, so do we! Sometimes a “plain” pair of jeans doesn’t do it for us on days when we are looking for something to prep us up. At least one pair of jeans with some eye-catching details, or an interesting and different wash, is a must-have in our closet.

New York based brand, Hellessy, offers us just that. There is nothing simple or plain in their collection. See what you can buy right now and we’ve also linked to where to buy.

And, as always…

Happy Shopping!

Fringe Trim JeansΒ 

Skirted Jeans

Mcauley Patch Detail Jeans

Melling Jeans


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