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Denim Disaster – Avoid Looking All Wrinkled

Denim Disaster – Avoid Looking All Wrinkled
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And no, we’re not going to say who’s the lady in these images because it’s really not relevant. What we’re pointing out here is a denim disaster we keep seeing over and over again.

Too tight fitting skinnies with too much stretch will get you to look all wrinkled and messy like shown here.

And a forcefully closed zip-fly also doesn’t improve the look.

You should either make sure your very stretchy jeans don’t cling but fit just right, or opt for a pair of skinny jeans without too much stretch.

1% or even 2% stretch content is enough to make your jeans feel comfortable and not too clingy.

If you’re all about stretch jeans then we advise to up-size for a good fit and avoid making your jeans look like leggings. If the legging look in denim is what you are looking for, then you should rather go for jeggings. And, if possible, opt for a heavier weight denim.

American Eagle has a lot of jeggings always in their collection and they’re almost all made of mid-weight denim that looks and feels like “real” denim. It’s a yes-yes if you love jeggings.

Tested and approved by our reviewers and readers, the Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans are for you if you want the comfort without giving up on the look.

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