patchwork jeans

You think patchwork has had its days… you can think again! The Dolce & Gabbana’ Spring ’21 collection is ALL about an explosion of patchwork, colors, and mixed patterns ranging from floral prints, polka dots, and fruit motifs.

“The campaign is a tribute to Fatto a Mano (made by hand) through the colors and patchworks that recall Sicily, the island that has always been a source of inspiration,” Dolce & Gabbana states.

“Given our long experience being inspired by Sicily, we wanted to tell of all that you can find on an island like this, the different cultures that dominated, from the Spanish to the Arabs [to] the Normans,” said Dolce, who was born and raised there. “We’ve treasured everything that they have brought to us,” Gabbana added. “And we put it all together.”

“The important thing to us is that each piece is interpreted by skilled hands, one after the other, and in that way each has its own character, its own story, its own passion, its own vision,” said Dolce. “From this comes the uniqueness of each piece.” 

You can shop for Dolce & Gabbana at NET-A-PORTER, MODA OPERANDI, and at MYTHERESA.

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