Please forgive us for being a bit skeptical – but, of course, we’re more than ready to become “un-skeptical” if proven wrong.

The way we remember Barney’s, it was just not some retailer you could fit onto a floor at some other retailer. So okay, we know that there are lots of you guys out there who thought of Barney’s as presumptuous, unaffordable, over-fashion-forward, and so on. We don’t agree or disagree, we just believe that there is a niche for everything, every wallet, and every taste.

And that particular niche – Barney’s – for us, is gone. No way we believe the atmosphere and feel of this unique retailer can be revived on the floor of a traditional department store. Even a high-end one like SAKS.

So, guys, let’ keep our eyes open and see what’s going to be happening on the SAKS’s 5th Avenue 5th floor moving forward.

Meantime, as far as denim is concerned, we’re seeing mostly the same good old (sorry) denim brands that had been on the exact same SAKS’s 5th Avenue store floor before they started calling it Barney’s anyway.

So far, they have yet to add some new, or unexpected, or maybe just emerging, denim brand. Which is what we constantly found on the Barney’s denim floors for both men and women.

Find out for yourself – women’s denim here, and men’s here.

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