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If Skinny Jeans Are Still a Staple in Your Denim Closet

If Skinny Jeans Are Still a Staple in Your Denim Closet
CRVY Mercury Skinny Jeans ($98)

There are tons of people out there confirming in regular intervals that the skinny jean is dead. Gone. Last decade. We may or may not agree but the fact remains that actually, in “real” life, skinny jeans are not, and will not, be going anywhere soon.

This said, let’s have a look on what’s new in skinny jeans out there. And definitely, we’re talking here about skinny jeans with some details or anything that makes them stand out in the skinny jeans mass. A bit of a challenge, let us tell you! Most of the skinnies out there just looked so very much alike and undesignable….No disrespect to any denim brand as we all know that there is only so much you can do to make a jean look outside-of-the-box.

But still, we didn’t give up on “different” and “eye-catching” and “not-run-of-the-mill. AND most of below shown jeans are actually on sale, cool, right?!

Front Seams make your legs look longer and slimmer

front seam skinny jeans

Paige Verdugo Front Seam Ankle Skinny Jeans (sale $164)

front seam plus size jeans

Lane Bryant Signature Fit High-Rise Skinny Jean – Center Seam ($79)

hi-rise skinny jeans

Jonathan Simkhai STANDARD Rae High-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans (sale $157)

Open Slit jeans to show off your booties

Frame Le Skinny de Jeanne Slit-Front Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans )sale $130)

dark wash jeans

Veronica Beard Kate High-Rise Skinny Skinny Jeans (sale $124)

Zippers and Embellishments – if you love skinny jeans with “extras”

zipper jeans

UNRAVEL PROJECT Zip Embellished Skinny Jeans (sale $466)

pearl embellished plus size jeans

Seven7 Embellished Skinny Jeans, plus size ($89)

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