ripped selvedge jeans
Guess Selvedge Slim Straight Jeans, $60

{Updated 01/05/2021}

Lots of people think of selvedge jeans and tend to associate them with raw and un-treated denim. But, the truth is, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Ok, there are lots of denimeads out there who actually prefer to buy their selvedge jeans raw and unwashed with the purpose of breaking them in and fading them naturally. Like the say goes: “Make them your own”.

But the thing is that not all of us (yeah, including yours truly) have the patience or – actually – even the willpower to wear our jeans every single day for months, if not years, to get there.

So we retort to buying our selvedge jeans “ready made”. Distressed, faded, and/or ripped. The amount of distressing will be up to us. Some like their jeans to be already almost destructed, while others may just prefer some slight distressing and take it from there to make the jeans their own.

Today we’re featuring some of the distressed selvedge jeans available to buy now and we’ve included various stages of distressing as well as different prices, so there is a pair for every preference and for every budget.

But don’t worry – if you prefer your selvedge bad boys in raw and untreated denim – we have you covered, as well. Stay tuned and check back here to find out about the newest raw denim selvedge jeans. Coming soon.

You can also check back to our last post about selvedge jeans here.

men's selvedge jeans

RRL Low Straight Selvedge Jeans, $450

distressed selvedge jeans

True Religion Geno Selvedge Jeans, $282

stretch selvedge jeans men

Todd Snyder Slim Fit Japanese Stretch Selvedge Jeans, $139

selvedge jeans

GAP 1969 Limited Edition Distressed Cone Denim® Selvedge Slim Jeans with GapFlex, $140 -50% with code

H&M Slim Selvedge Jeans, $49.99

stretch selvedge

7 For All Mankind Stretch Selvedge Paxtyn Jeans, $189

stretch selvedge jeans

KATO The Pen Slim Fit Jeans, $248

Madewell Selvedge Slim Authentic Flex Jeans, $158

ripped selvedge jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch Ripped Selvedge Skinny Jeans, $98


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