Artistic Milliners, a global leader in denim fabric and garments, has joined Apparel Impact Roundtable* (AIR) – an advisory group of Apparel Impact Institute* (Aii) represented by the top brands, retailers and manufacturers, who help drive and engage Aii’s strategic programming. 

{* AIR: Advances projects with significant environmental and social promise}

{**Aii: An organization that identifies, funds, scales, and measures the apparel and footwear industry’s proven environmental impact solutions.}

The collaboration will allow Aii and Artistic Milliners to work together on strategic initiatives that will set the industry’s direction to adapt clean supply chain practices.

“Artistic Milliners has been a long-time leader in producing sustainable products,” said Lewis Perkins, president, Aii. “I have known this team for many years and have worked with them on sustainability initiatives in the past. Joining the Roundtable demonstrates Artistic Milliners’ ongoing commitment to excellence by furthering their dedication to positive impact through scaling proven solutions.”

Aii has become the key driver in the fashion industry to help the key players adapt proven environmental programs that will eventually lead to a cleaner value chain and a more sustainable ecosystem.

“This decade is all about people and the planet,” states Murtaza Ahmed, managing director at Artistic Milliners. “We are thrilled to join Apparel Impact Roundtable to help drive the strategic scale and implementation of sustainable initiatives. Our common goal is to advocate for a green supply chain and work together to foster an inclusive ecosystem contributing to climate positive actions and social fairness.”

“At Artistic Milliners, we aim to integrate sustainability in everything we do as we continue to evolve our processes to achieve science-based targets. Through this platform, we hope to lead the industry with best practices that will guide us into a clean future.” 

Launched in Pakistan in 1949, Artistic Milliners has grown from a small retail store to become one of the top denim manufacturers in the world. Since its inception, the company has been a forerunner in the global textile industry and has spearheaded denim innovation and sustainability, working with brands like Target Corp., Gap Inc., PVH Corp., Levi Strauss & Co. and H&M Group. Artistic Milliners recently acquired a laundry and finishing facility in Los Angeles.

Artistic Milliners is the first and only company from Pakistan to sign up for UN Business Ambition for 1.5C. The company has committed to reach net zero emission no later than 2025 and is working on a climate strategy in line with SBTi. CEO Omer Ahmed was invited as a speaker in the UN Climate Ambition Summit 2020 as a Climate Champion from Pakistan. The Summit brought together leaders who are ready to make new commitments to tackle climate change and deliver on the Paris Agreement, five years after it was adopted on December 12th, 2015.

With a common vision of cleaner fashion value chain, Aii and Artistic Milliners will lead the way for the fashion industry to work on innovative business models with proven environmental impact across the board.

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