cross over jeans

I discovered the fun of a pair of asymmetrical button-fly jeans more than two years ago. Actually those were the AGOLDE criss cross jeans, considered a bit “weird” back then but burning hot today!

white jeans

AGOLDE criss cross jeans ($198), also available in black and in a bermuda style

And then, exactly one year ago, I found out about the Boyish Casey jeans, same concept as the AGOLDE just with a slimmer leg, and one month later the R13 cross-over jeans, a cropped baggy boyfriend style. Yeah, asymmetrical’s became a best seller we’re seeing everywhere these days.

black cross-over jeans

Boyish Casey Straight Leg Jeans ($168)

The R13 Cross-Over Jeans come in the cropped boyfriend style as well as in a long inseam wide leg

boyfriend jeans

R13 Cross-Over Jeans (4$425)

wide leg jeans

R13 Wide Leg Cross Over Jeans ($425)

If you are looking for a pair of jeans that o have a special detail or are somewhat different from your regular denim stapes, then these asymmetric bad boys are for you.

Besides the above mentioned which you can still buy online or in stores, below you can find a couple more of this kind.

Happy Sunday all!

asymmetrical jeans

Alice + Olivia Amazing Asymmetrical Jeans ($177)

Urban Outfitters has two cool options:

asymmetrical button fly jeans

ASOS COLLUSION x014 dad jeans with stepped waistband ($40)

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