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If you are part of the gang that does men’s jeans for women and women’s jeans for men, then you’re at the right place, right now, right this season! We never really got why there has to be such a strong distinction between men’s and women’s jeans.

And anyway, gender definition is so last century….so applying this to denim should be a logical consequence. There have been some quaint tentative in the past of brands offering some unisex jeans, but apparently, most of the denim consumers weren’t ready yet.

But hopefully, all this is going to change this decade. And brands will finally realize that gender definition for most denim styles just doesn’t do it anymore.

This said, Kudos to German brand, CLOSED, which included a rad capsule of Unisex jeans in their just launched Sprig 2021 collection and we’re like —– can we please have one of each! (That’s our male and female reviewer’s quoting).

genderless jeans

“Men’s styles, women’s styles – who cares? Our jeans look great on everybody (and every body)! So we’re mixing things up a bit right here. Take a look around, get inspired and dare to try something new!”

Let’s find out! See below our favorite picks and check out all the rest on the CLOSED website.

You can also shop for CLOSED at FARFETCH men and women and at Nordstrom.

Worker ’85 (this has been my favorite style from the brand for years, they’re a staple in every collection)

The Drop Cropped Jeans – a slim fit that you can either wear true to size or up-size for a slouchy look

The Pedal Twist – the twisted seam are an interesting detail, the fit is like a slimmer cut barrel leg

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