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Denim Advice: If Your Baggy Jeans Are Too Baggy

Denim Advice: If Your Baggy Jeans Are Too Baggy
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It happens to us many times when shopping for boyfriend jeans. And in particular, when shopping for vintage jeans. We want to get the loose and edgy fit of an authentic boyfriend jean look, but then those jeans turn out to be way to big at the waist. Especially when we’re looking at men’s jeans for us ladies.

A belt doesn’t cinch it – literally. While it’s holding up the jeans okay, a tight belt also creates unfavorable bulges and folds below the waistline.

But… this is what we’re here for(among many other things): solving your denim problems!

Just get a couple of jean button replacements and fasten them on the waistline of your jeans like shown in the image above. We recommend using a couple of buttons because sometimes you might want to wear your jeans higher up and sometimes low slung.

And now that we have solved your dilemma, you can calmly shop for those oversized and loose fitting jeans that are so trendy right now. No more worrying about the waistband. You can create your own fit!

We’re having some rad baggy jeans suggestions for you and you can now even up-size to your liking: The Emerson Boyfriend jeans from Citizens of Humanity, R13 Boyfriend jeans, and the Scotch & Soda Extra Boyfriend Plus organic cotton jeans.

I have two favorites:

The Raey Dad Folded Baggy boyfriends that I have been wearing these past months en lieu of sweats, and always, since I became “denim conscious”, the Levi’s 501 Original men’s jeans.

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