So what about skinny jeans being dead? Does that apply to jeggings too? Obviously Krysten Ritter doesn’t think so. She sported a pair of ankle length ripped jeggings as she was out in Los Angeles, taking her son for a stroll.

Ok, so jeggings are probably the most comfortable thing after sweatpants and leggings. But the hey-days of those being THE fashion trend are long gone.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t want to wear a pair if you are looking to feel comfortable without having to wear your good old sweatpants once again. And, let’s be honest. Jeggings still do look better than any kind of sweatpants.

If you’re up for some jeggings, you can find a lot of good options at American Eagle, including ripped, high waisted, curvy and plus sizes. The same goes for Abercrombie & Fitch. The High Waisted Maria jeans from J Brand are very popular, these are one of the brand’s best selling jeans according to sales professionals we’ve talked to. And at FARFETCH you can find a lot of premium denim brand’s jeggings on sale right now.

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