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Brooklyn Beckham  is not only the eldest son of the power couple David and Victoria Beckham , but is also building his own name as a photographer, in addition to his career as a model.

Add to that a disarming boy-next-door style, and you have a brand ambassador that most brands dream of, as Brooklyn makes his debut as a campaign face for iconic denim brand Pepe Jeans. It is no coincidence that the collaboration is announced together with the “World Water Day” , because Pepe Jeans wants to demonstrate the importance of water for the production of clothing.

The photoshoot was directed and self-shot by Brooklyn, with an accompanying video by Zhamak Fullad, playing with the reflection created by frameless mirrors in various environments.

Wiser Future collaborates with Wiser Wash® denim pieces by Pepe for the campaign. Wiser Wash® is a revolutionary washing technology.

This technology drastically reduces the use of water in the production of denim, using only 1 cup of water for the decolorization process of a pair of jeans and zero toxic chemicals.

Brooklyn revealed he actually turns the shower off while he washes, in a bid to save water: “Turning off the water while you brush your teeth. Measuring your water for tea before you heat it up. Turn off the water while you are washing up in the shower. Do not let it run!”

Right now every brand is trying to be a little more sustainable. Gucci just dropped its second batch of Off The Grid goods, which are made from Econyl, a 100 per cent recycled and sustainable nylon fiber, while Nike’s Space Hippie “This Is Trash” range is entirely made from at least 50 per cent recycled material.

Pepe Jeans is also doing its bit. Forbes reported in 2018 that nearly 7,000 liters of water are commonly used to make a single pair of jeans, as well as genetically modified cotton and toxic indigo dyes, resulting in a damagingly high carbon footprint. With that in mind, the brand has unveiled its Wiser Future campaign, which launches today, on World Water Day, and tackles said amount of water used during the production of denim.

You can shop for Pepe Jeans on their website and at YOOX.

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