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Good American – Updates And Includes 90’s Loose Jeans!

Good American – Updates And Includes 90’s Loose Jeans!
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Good American + Khloe Kardashian are finally on board with the 90’s loose and slouchy fitting jeans and we’re totally on board as well!

After years of mainly skinny jeans, and maybe a boyfriend here and there, Khloe Kardashian not only admits that the 90’s jeans are a trend to reckon with but also includes them in the new Good American collection:

While Khloe admits she still has a love affair with skinny jeans (“I personally love our Good Legs,” she says), lately she’s been leaning into the looser, ’90s-inspired look. “I’ve just been wanting a really relaxed fit, something that gives you that edge. It’s definitely a more comfortable, lighter-weight denim,” she says. “It falls really nicely and gives you that baggy element that is so true to the ’90s era.”

“If you don’t want to be in sweats or leggings that we’re all so used to over the past year, I think this is the perfect transition,” she says. “And I will say, I love, love, love to wear jeans. But during the pandemic, thinking about throwing on a pair of jeans that were super tight has not been something I’ve been excited to do. It’s probably sad to say, but I really have not put on a dress or something really fancy in about a year. So this gives me an excuse to wear denim and still be super comfortable.”

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So if you are already, or thinking about, joining the loose fit jeans “cult”, then you have two cool options to choose from:

The Good 90’s Loose, a totally baggy and oversized style with extra leg room, and the Good 90’s which are still baggy and loose but a bit more form fitting, featuring two darts at the waistband. These darts ere especially important if you are on the curvy side, so there’s no (so much hated) gap at the waist) – see below.

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GOOD 90’s, available in a distressed light blue and a clean medium blue

GOOD 90’s Loose

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