Fashion weeks are back in full force – sans live runway shows, but with lots of fashion loving folks back out on the streets.

To make it short: we’re back to it being all about denim! And back to being able to check out how fashionistas are doing their denim outfits. And we’re also more than ready for some new style inspiration that has been so lacking in this past year.

As you can see on above image – the photographer, Gianluca Senese, has captured all the biggest denim trends in one single image. Genius picture, he totally got it!

Note: as you can see on the image above and also in the gallery, no stretchy skinny jeans anywhere!

Below you can find some cool street styles for your inspiration. And, as always, your Denimology team is ready with suggestion about where to buy the most sought after right-now trends.

To find out more about these top denim trends to add to your closet stay tuned, we will share some of our best finds of each trending denim style with you ASAP! And meanwhile get inspired with some of the best denim looks in Milan!

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