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Wear With Your Jeans – Little Things Make a Big Difference!

Wear With Your Jeans – Little Things Make a Big Difference!
Polo Ralph Lauren Logo-Embroidered Color-Block Cotton-Canvas Bucket Hat ($60)

Sometimes we feel like wearing our favorite jeans again… but wait, AGAIN?!? Like it might seem that I have nothing else to wear. Or that I totally lack “clothing imagination”. Or like I don’t have a closet full of jeans. Point taken, right?

Or what about you denimheads who are into wearing your brand new jeans day after day. Just to break them in, to make them your own.

But here’s the good news: even if you are going to wear your same jeans daily, there is always the option of adding different accessories to make these very same jeans look different every time you wear them. And we’re not talking about different clothing here, obviously you know that for yourself. We’re talking about accessories, like belts, scarves, and yes, face masks.

Below you can find some really cool “little things” that can take your outfit to another level. Regardless if you’re wearing the same jeans over and over again or opt for a different pair every day.

Off-White Classic Industrial Logo Belt for her ($210) and for him ($215) – these are all actually unisex an also work if you want to double-tie them around your waist


Treasure & Bond Fringed Scarf ($39) – you can also tie this scarf around your waist or just throw it over the shoulders and let it hang loose

corset belts

LOEWE Obi Leather Waist Belt ($990) – use this with high-waisted baggy jeans to call attention to your waistline

face masks

Stella McCartney Yellow Shared ‘OBS 23’ Bandana ($175), also available in black


Fear of God Braided Leather Belt ($550) – a perfect juxtaposition with your classic raw denim jeans

Neighborhood Logo-Jacquard Webbing Belt ($100)

Chloé Corita Silk Scarf ($340)

Palm Angels Black & White Classic Track Mask ($90)

Gucci Black Leather Harness ($1,980) – worn over a white or neon color top, a definite statement piece

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