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Kelly Osbourne was spotted in baggy vintage denim overalls while helping her boyfriend, Erik Bragg, fixing and cleaning his car. And later on she sported the same overalls, volunteering at the Islamic Center for Southern California where she was handing out face masks, water, and food to those in need. 

Kelly’s denim overalls are vintage in the truest sense – you can see the back hitched up with the suspenders like we used to see the gold miners wearing them originally. They also feature different washes denim patches along the front and at the hems.

While we totally get it that these are not just anybody’s kind of thing, we believe that for the true vintage denim lovers, overalls like these are a true treat!

It’s definitely not an easy task to find similar styles out there, especially since vintage generally is one of a kind. But we found some “contemporary” options at Urban Outfitters, & other stories, and Madewell, Remember, you can always upsize or go for a men’s style if you want a really oversized and baggy look. You can check out men’s overalls from Dickies and Carhartt.

{*note from the editor: we received the following message from Kelly on our Instagram: “Omg I love you for knowing your history. They are from the 1920’s and at one point did belong to a miner!!!}

vintage denim

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