Nothing is more stylish than environmentally friendly fashion. And over the year, sustainable denim has become a must-do for most denim lovers. They can be recycled jeans that you buy in thrift stores, or brand new jeans made of recycled denim. Or jeans that have been produced with no chemicals, waterless, and with organic cotton.

We searched on the internet and in stores for what’s new in sustainable denim right now – and found some amazing stuff. Not so long ago you were able to spot sustainable jeans from far. The washes were a dead giveaway. Not anymore. If you look at our roundup below, you won’t be able to tell the difference between regular and sustainable washes anymore.

So that’s amazing. Now you can wear your jeans in the wash that you absolutely love AND be spot-on trendy and environmentally friendly at the same time.

And just one last advice: How can I find sustainable denim when shopping?” – This is THE question our readers have been asking us over and over again:

Sustainability certifications: Look for recognized certifications such as GOTS organic, which means the whole supply chain is organic, not just the picking of the cotton, Oeko-Tex, which indicates the fabric doesn’t have unsafe levels of any chemicals, and Climate Neutral, which indicates the offset and reduce all of greenhouse gas emissions.”

This said – we hope you find your next favorite jeans below and….happy Shopping!

sustainable bootcut jeans

BLANKNYC Sustainable Denim Hoyt Mini Bootcut Jeans ($98), from their first sustainable denim capsule collection

sustainable loose jeans

Levi’s High Loose Jeans ($98) – from their sustainable collection, lower water usage and carbon footprint

sustainable jeans

GAP High Rise Cheeky Straight Jeans ($69.95) – from their Washwell™ capsule, responsibly produced styles made with recycled content and organic cotton, factories recycle water in production

sustainable stretch jeans

Boyish Tommy W Stretch Jeans ($168) – all styles feature either recycled content, Oeko-Tex certified materials, regenerated cellulose fibers, or certified organic cotton

Reformation Cynthia High Rise Straight Jeans ($128) – available in 8 washes, Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled cotton

ABLE The Merly Jacket ($150) – recycles 100% of water used

Fairblue Jeans Sarah Slim Jeans (€ 119) – organic cotton yarn GOTS

Etica Nina Lace-Up Flare Jeans ($168) – Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certified fabrics

non Straight Leg Selvedge Denim Jeans (£160) – also available in stonewash, selvedge denim made from organic + recycled materials

Everlane Curvy 90’s Cheeky Jeans ($78) – LEED certified factory that recycles water used

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