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AE x Jeans Redesign Sustainable Capsule Collection

AE x Jeans Redesign Sustainable Capsule Collection
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And here is some great sustainable news: Beloved teenager (and, yeah, adult evergreen teens) brand, American Eagle, is launching their first ever sustainable collection:

AE’s latest step to further its ongoing commitment to sustainability. Today, the brand is launching a new limited jean collection, using guidelines as a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign Project. Simultaneously, AEO, Inc. is reinforcing its commitment towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

The AE x Jeans Redesign collection uses guidelines developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular team, alongside over 80 denim experts, and in line with the principles of a circular economy where clothes never become waste — with styles designed to last longer, made of 100% organic cotton and produced without harmful chemicals and processes. The innovative design process meets the following requirements:

  • Durability: Designed to last, withstanding home laundering and featuring wash and care instructions on each piece.
  • Recyclability: Made of 100% organic cotton with easy-to-remove hardware, making the jeans easily recyclable.
  • Material Health: Produced without the use of harmful chemicals and processes, making the styles better for the environment.
  • Traceability: Every garment in the AE x Jeans Redesign collection will be easily identifiable for ease of apparel recycling.  

The collection features on-trend styles from the brand’s fashion denim including two mom jean fits, which offer a looser silhouette for women, and two slim jean styles for men, all available exclusively on www.AE.com – just look for the “REAL GOOD” symbol which will identify all sustainable styles.

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