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Brooklyn Queen in Destructed and Super Ripped Jeans

Brooklyn Queen in Destructed and Super Ripped Jeans

Brooklyn Queen is just one more teenager adhering to the right now very popular streetlook of overly distressed jeans with huge holes along the front of the legs and often also including butt-rips.

At least here, in New York City, this is the one denim look I keep seeing all the time everywhere. Young, old, slim or curvy – it seems that about everybody is on it. It feels as if there is a constant quest to win a most ripped denim outfit competition!

And you know what really calls my attention? Whenever I see someone in a pair of those extremely ripped bad boys, they’re most of the time accompanied by big smiling faces. KUDOS! So if it makes you happy, do it!

There aren’t many jeans out there that are THAT much ripped, but there are a of of jeans available with at least a base of good ripping. All you have to do is rip and cut them even more until you find your “personal rip”. Anyway, we always believe that certain things are much more fun and interesting if they bear your personal mark, so, go for it, girl!

And just for fun!—– to get some inspiration, check out below some celebrities who have shown their over-ripped denim love at some time or another. 😂 And then shop for some very rad pre-ripped jeans that you can then DIY from American Eagle, ASOS, and at Abercrombie & Fitch. We also suggest the Boyish Ziggy Jeans and the 70’s Stovepipe Distressed Jeans from RE/DONE.

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