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{updated 5/17/2021)

New York based denim brand, Cotte D’Armes likes to “play it different”! Like, as we have mentioned before, they don’t believe in seasonal collections but rather in a core collection. Another interesting fact is that they don’t release the whole collection at once. Based on their limited edition, for exclusives and collaboration releases customers will have to check back on the Cotte D’Armes website and/or get on the Denimology mailing list to receive notifications and updates.

Cotte D’Armes latest release is the Blue Christian Pant – and it is totally about eye-catching and vive la différence. Remember, even though these jeans are shown on a woman, all of Cotte D’Armes denims are actually unisex.

Inspired by the past, present, and future: Cotte D’Armes 2021 draws from the history of western cowboys. The collection focuses on the innovation of designer and director Clarence Ruth’s creations while nodding to the heritage of denim. Although sustainability is at the forefront of design, a specific pair of jeans highlights the reinvention and clever functionality Cotte D’Armes is recognized for.

A simple button serves as a guise at the top of the pant. The button connects to the zip fly and waistband simultaneously as one piece. A hook bar closure makes the experience of putting on jeans similar to putting on a pair of dress pants. Ruth’s patented design challenges the anatomy of jeans.

UPDATE – these jeans are available to buy as of today – check them out here.

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Once the gaze is taken towards the knee of the pant a subtle yet pivotal detail is revealed. A discreet patch may be opportunely unbuttoned to change the entire silhouette of the pant by exposing the knee. Both an unanticipated and smart function, the design is fashionably sustainable in the sense that one pair of jeans gives two oppositional looks.

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To further support sustainability, Cotte D’Armes NYC consciously selects materials in collaboration with his company Cmirecycle Club Studio. The intention is to integrate the down cycle program by reconstructing old, used denim into timeless pieces. The decision to move in this direction is simple: to help minimize waste on our planet and focus on the quality rather than quantity of every single garment produced.

Since their invention in 1873, designers seldom attempt to reimagine the silhouette of jeans. Director Ruth honors his mantra of creating for enlightenment in the design of this garment. He takes a familiar classic and challenges the fashion world to view it as something with novel functionality.

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