Above you can see the teaser video from Cotte D’Armes for their upcoming men’s collection 2021.

The male model, sporting a pair of the brand’s Blue Christian Pants, was filmed standing on a bench at a very typical New York City bus stop shelter. A total edgy and cool New York style vibe captured in this black and white shot.

As you know by now, Cotte D’Armes is all about being sustainable. This is why the brand does not believe in seasonal collections but rather in a core collection. And they’re also all about being genderless. Their jeans and denim jackets are unisex, made to fit both – men and women. Therefore it is gong to be very interesting to see the clothes modeled by a man as well as a women.

The men’s lookbook will be coming up soon, but meantime you should definitely check out the looks on women which we posted last month.

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