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Dsquared2 – Pre-Fall 2021 Women’s Lookbook

Dsquared2 – Pre-Fall 2021 Women’s Lookbook

For their pre-fall 2021 Dsquared2 stays true to their trademark denim styles. The skinny/slim jeans continue in the not too fitted but more slouchy style, as well as the much loved drop crotch in the dark wash denim. This is a denim wash which is very typical for Dsquared2. Even though the shade is a deep blue indigo there is still some very authentic looking distressing and the denim is super soft which is a must-do for any drop-crotch style.

slim jeans women
drop-crotch jeans

The pre-fall 2021 women’s collection was photographed in a trailer: “If there’s one thing that we all miss these days it’s traveling. By plane, by boat, by car, by whatever—any means of transportation would actually do, as long as it’s a moving vehicle taking us somewhere other than to our quarantine flat after the umpteenth errand to the grocery store. Stretching the concept to the extreme, why not a motorhome?”

Also note that most of the jeans are a mid- to low-rise which is also very Dsquared2. I cant remember seeing any super high waisted jeans in their past collections either.

As per Dan Caten, one of the designer twins: “We don’t want to look at something safe. We’re all bored stiff from being in this endless lockdown. So give me something exciting that makes me smile and that gets me through. We want to offer fresh, fresh, fresh. Excite me, stimulate me, titillate me, and make me smile. That was our thinking process behind the collections in the caravan situation.”

One of the fun things in this collection is how Dsquared2 does layering in a total uplifting and inspirational way. So, if you are into layering – below you can find some rad layering inspo:

skinny jeans
denim skirts
denim shirts
rip and repair jeans

If you are up for some cool and quite different kind of denims, you can shop for the current Dsquared2 collection at CETTIRE and at FARFETCH.

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