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Katie Holmes – Airport Style in Straight Leg Jeans

Katie Holmes – Airport Style in Straight Leg Jeans
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Yesss – airport styles are slowly coming back to being a thing again! You can check out here Katie Holmes in one of her preferred denim styles. She loves wearing straight and wide leg jeans, preferably in a clean medium blue wash and made of rigid 100% cotton denim. It’s the one denim style we see her sporting most of the times.

Katie wore her jeans with a navy blue crewneck sweater layered underneath an oversized grandpa cardigan. She completed her look with white Gucci loafers, a black leather bucket hat, and an Amazon face mask from evolvetogether.

If you have any doubts – 100% cotton jeans that are not too tight are actually super comfortable when sitting down for a longer period of time, like when you are travelling. As opposed to skinny stretch jeans, these don’t pinch and also, they don’t bag out as much as skinnies. So you won’t arrive at your destination with bagged-out knees and a saggy back! 😉

You can shop for similar straight leg jeans here and here. And if you love Katie’s oversized cardigan, check out these from Everlane, RE/DONE, and COS.

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