There are still not many countries open for us to satisfy our travel lust. And a summer without travel, vacations, sun, beach… so depressing, right? Le Sigh.

Well, if you can’t go there, wear it! BLANKNYC calls out to us with the perfect summer destination denims! And they involve landscapes and oceans. No, we’re not pulling you legs LOL – it’s for real!

The latest BLANKNYC drop includes denim shorts and denim jackets printed with landscape and ocean photographs and we’re totally loving these – scroll down to find out.

Unfortunately for us, lots of sizes are already sod out, so make sure you get on the BLANKNYC wait lit to be notified when they’re back in stock again. Yeah, not traveling is really a sad thing – but at least let’s get some kind of consolation….

Ocean View Photo Print Denim Jacket

Ocean View Photo Print Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Shorts

Landscape Photo Print Denim Jacket

Landscape Photo Print Vintage Hi-Rise Denim Shorts

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