low-rise jeans

These dark wash cropped jeans from Cotte D’Armes are the ideal “alternative” jeans I need in my denim closet. Yes, we are totally aware that light blue washes, and ripped, and high waisted jeans are THE denim thing to do right now. But as it happens, sometimes I look at my denim collection and I get the urge of doing something different for a change.

How about some dark blue pure indigo wash jeans with a lower waist and super cool details? This is what Cotte D’Armes gives us:

Cropped and uneven step hem.

step hem jeans

And perfect for all of us zipper fetish – the zipper on the back of the jeans

ankle zip jeans

And how about pointy back pockets – definitely interesting

Not to mention the Cotte D’Armes trademark asymmetrical front closure

Available now to buy on the Cotte D’Armes website – go there if you need a cool and edgy denim change in your life! πŸ˜‰

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