Following up with our feature about the Cotte D’Armes Contemporary Sustainable Denim Collection here. As mentioned, New York based denim brand, Cotte D’Armes, is all about sustainability and genderless. They are also a lot about being “different” in the sense that they don’t do seasonal releases.

Cotte D’Armes believes that it is more sustainable and less wasteful do create a core collection with variations in washes. And instead of releasing their whole collection all at once, they believe in “surprise” drops.

Their collection will be released throughout the year with single drops and you can find out about these through our newsletter or by checking back on the Cotte D’Armes website regularly.

Now, about the teaser videos: Why are the called OUTLAW? Here is what Ruth tells us:

“Outlaw is tying to the western cowboy inspiration of the collection. A outlaw back in those western days were cowboys that has broken the law, especially one who remains at large. In the this case Cotte D’Armes does not follow the rules or trends of the denim industry. We create them.”

Below you can see the unisex core collection worn by guys. And to make it even more exciting we’ve added some of the women’s images as well so you can compare! You can check out all the women’s images here.

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