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Denim Advice – The Perfect Way To Fray Your Jeans

Denim Advice – The Perfect Way To Fray Your Jeans
frayed jeans DIY

Let’s make this short and to the point!

You already know you need a pair of scissors, mark the length you want your jeans to be, and so on. So I am going to spare you all that and tell you my best kept secret.

After cutting off your jeans, just bang them against anything solid and sturdy. Like the corner of a dresser, against your open closet door, the edge of your (very heavy and sturdy) dining table. Now, you can either pull strays of the denim one by one – a painful and long lasting task, be prepared for hours of work here…

Or, you can do it my preferred way: After having cut off the hem of my jeans I walk over to the emergency exit in my building and bang the jeans against the metal rail on the stairways. My experience has proven over and over again that this is the fastest and easiest way to get the best frays out of your jeans. You don’t need to throw them into a washer and dryer. Your jeans will be ready to go instantly. And just FYI – this works for frayed rips and cut-off denim shorts as well! 🙂

And now that your fraying problem is solved, you are free to shop for jeans with any inseam length! Especially for those extra long top trending 90’s loose jeans you can see everybody wearing out there. Agreed, these uber-long inseams do look cool and edgy, but still, when you’re like 5’4″ and under….

Watch the video below, and then shop for long inseam loose fit 90’s jeans from AGOLDE, Boyish, RE/DONE, and ACNE Studios. And now you know how to cut and fray them yourself!

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