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Do it Like Gwen Stefani – Oversized And Destroyed

Do it Like Gwen Stefani – Oversized And Destroyed

If you don’t know it yet, then you should definitely take note! The denim trend definitions of this season are: baggy, oversized, uber-long, and destructed.

The 90’s loose fitting jeans have been a hit since about last year when the denim world turned away from skinny and tight fits and adopted comfort. The biggest denim trend of the pandemic year (and not going anywhere) was to be comfortable, stylish, edgy and – voilà – here you go!

Gwen Stefani is sporting exactly the right look and how you are supposed to do the loose fit denim trend. Higher waisted, ablbeit not too tight around the hips. With lots of detailed destructions like the insets above the knee holes and totally frayed hems.

As for the legs, the inseam should preferably be long enough to touch the floor. Rips and destruction are optional, depending on the way you like it. The washes can go from a clean blue vintage wash with no distressing at all to a totally destroyed and destructed with knee holes. Or with holes all over the front of the legs.

As for the hems – either go for totally frayed and hi-low cut-off, or, you can just leave the original hems and with time and use, they will become authentically and naturally frayed and destroyed.

You can find similar distressed loose fitting jeans here and here. And remember, you can always add holes and fray your jeans to your liking – read our feature about how-to DIY!

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