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How About Some New Jeans With a Certain Edge?!

How About Some New Jeans With a Certain Edge?!
laser print flare jeans
Wrangler Wanderer High Rise Flare Jeans ($118)

Because we’re always looking for jeans that have some extra details, that are different and eye-catching. Not that we don’t love our classics and basic, but – and especially during summer time – we do feel the need of a bit fancy, outside-of-the-box…

We’ve shed our coats and jackets, hid our heavy sweaters in the back of our closets, now is the time to be out and dressed in cool denim again. And considering all the months spent locked in… we definitely need to make up for those.

Well, nothing better than some new and super cool new denims! We’re talking about special washes, or prints, and also amazing cool takes on top trend styles.

And we got you covered. Scroll down to find out the coolest and edgiest new jeans available right now. Don’t be shy, go for it, show the world your inner rocker, your bad girl side, or your new punk self! And, most important, go and have some fun wearing jeans that will certainly call attention everywhere you go!

asymmetric jeans

Cotte D’Armes Blue Christian Pants ($660)

printed jeans

Vetements High-Rise Barbed Wire Print Straight-Leg Jeans ($1,890)

Norma Kamali Acid-Wash Cropped Jeans ($214), Acid Wash Denim Jacket ($253)

floral print jeans

Maeve Gardenia Ultra High-Rise Slim Straight Jeans ($128) – size inclusive

Old West Slouch Jeans ($128)

patchwork jeans

Kuro Patchwork Straight-Leg Jeans ($699)

The Ragged Priest Dad Jeans ($90)

MM6 Maison Margiela Grey & Black Spliced Jeans ($410)

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