denim cut-offs

Kacey Musgraves was heading to dinner in New York City accompanied by her boyfriend, Cole Schafer.

She wore cut-off high waisted denim shorts with a white tank top layered underneath a very trendy Hawaiian-print shirt. Yeah, it’s said that Hawaiian shirts are back in vogue this summer. And guess, what, we actually are beginning to like those… even though at first we weren’t so sure about these!

Kacey finished off her outfit with a pair of Schutz’s Victorie sandals featuring a cork sole, block heels, and two clear vinyl straps.

But, getting back to Kacey’s shirt – are you ready to adopt these as your fun summer staple? If you are, check out these from KARMAKULA – these come in many super cool prints, Polo Ralph Lauren, SAINT LAURENT, and Mango. FYI – these are all men’s shirts and you’re supposed to wear them oversized anyway!

denim shorts

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