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Tie-Dye Jeans for the Fashion-Conscious Guys

Tie-Dye Jeans for the Fashion-Conscious Guys

Tie-dye is not just the top trending fashion trend for the ladies! You’d be surprised how many options there are out there for tie-dyed men’s denims as well. And, as we mentioned in our round-up for women, it’s summertime. And we all can do with some fun extras in our denim life right now.

Find below some of the best options for tie-dyed – tested and approved by your Denimology team, and, as always,

Happy Shopping!

men's jeans

Jeanerica Jeans & Co. Autobahn Tie-Dye Straight Leg Jeans ($200)

men's colored jeans

Isabel Marant Jowland Tie-Dye Jeans ($426)

carpenter jeans men

PacSun Tie-Dyed Slim Carpenter Pants ($30)

men's tie-dye jeans

Forever 21 Tie-Dye Slim Fit Pants ($35)

skinny jeans men

Hudson Zack Tie-Dye Skinny Jeans ($191)

Faith Connecxion Tie & Dye Jeans ($237)

white tie-dye jeans men

Ann Demeulemeester White Tie-Dye Jeans ($900)

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