unisex jeans
COLLUSION x000 Unisex 90’s fit straight leg jeans with rips ($30)

Just to be clear: we’re not talking about one size fits all denim here. But about unisex ,or genderless, denim that is meant to be worn indiscriminately by both, men and women.

Why are we pointing this out? It’s because we have received lot of questions about unisex clothing in general, being the main confusion exactly the “one-size-fits-all”. Unisex denim is sized the same way as men’s and women’s jeans. The one outstanding difference is that genderless denims make it easier for those of us who previously had to shop for a certain denim style in a different department.

A good example is me, yours truly. I was never a big fan of super skinny stretch jeans. I always preferred the classic vintage denim styles mostly available only in men’s denim departments. This is one main reason I totally believe in genderless denim.

Below you can find some great Unisex options available to buy right now.

unisex relaxed jeans

non Blue Relaxed Fit Jeans (on sale $125)

Cotte D’Armes Indigo Blue Crop Jeans (it says women’s on the website but is actually unisex!)

straight jeans unisex

RAEY Blue Open Unisex Faded Wide Leg Jeans ($150)

Valentino Unisex Valentino x Levi’s 517 Bootcut Jeans ($990)

by _NIM Unisex Cargo Jeans ($119)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Unisex Distressed Jeans ($140)


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