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When we searched to find out about the latest Marc Jacob thingies, we literally lost it when we saw his latest Instagram posts!

Jacobs has spent the past days uploading a trifecta of generously cut denim to his Instagram. These aren’t the slouchy pants we’ve become accustomed to on the catwalk, however. These are the voluminous widest leg jeans, though the designer swapped out the staple metal-capped leather boots he usually wears for Rick Owens platforms and a Cartier pearl necklace.

We absolutely had to share with you guys here. What an inspiration LOL – We love the wide-leg look for guys! What do you think? Would you do it like Marc Jacobs?

And, just in case you’re ready to go for it – we did the work for you. Check out a couple of great wide-leg denims just waiting for you to make them your own: PACCBET Logo Patch Wide-Leg Jeans, A.P.C. Fairfax Wide-Leg Jeans, Ambush Wide Leg Jeans, Balenciaga Wide Leg Jeans, RAEY Open unisex faded wide-leg jeans.

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